Dora in The Octoroon

Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC

“Sarah Hankins, in her New York debut, is terrific as Dora, imbuing her with qualities that make us root for her even though she's clearly not the heroine of the piece.” 

                                        - Martin Denton,

“... a masterpiece of inspired staging that brims with life, featuring brilliant ensemble work: ... Sarah Hankins' Dora, a giddy Southern belle whose integrity is revealed

through adversity”

                                    - Nancy Ellen Shore,

“The luscious Sarah Hankins scores as the gamin-ish Ghost of Christmas Past and the women in Scrooge’s past.”

                - Kelly Monaghan,

“Sarah Hankins brings her three characters to life before our very eyes, transforming from the Ghost Christmas Past to Scrooge’s sister, Fan, to his embittered fiance, Belle, within moments. Hankins provides an intense close to the first act in a passionate argument with her would-be husband.”

                - Matthew MacDermid, Talkin’

"Standouts include . . . Sarah Hankins’ rapid-fire channeling of the Ghost of Christmas Past, Fan and Belle (performed in unbroken succession)."

                - Steve Schneider, Orlando Weekly

The Ghost of Christmas Past in The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

“Sarah Hankins speaks with the exaggeratedly nasal tone of a spoiled deb, and her platinum bob is perfect for the occasion.  Hankins is a stitch as a blonde bombshell.

                      - Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel

“Hankins presents a well-drawn and enjoyable caricature of a typical English type . . . Hankins is particularly amusing, with a delightfully goofy signature that sounds like a mentally unbalanced cuckoo.  When happy, her character projects that warble outward; when sad she sucks the same sound inward and in reverse.”

                      - Al Krulik, Orlando Weekly

Sybil Chase in Private Lives

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Sarah Hankins


Desdemona in Othello

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

“Sarah Hankins' clear-voiced, sensual Desdemona...”

             - Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel

“Sarah Hankins emphasizes the character’s boisterousness and brings a decidedly contemporary air to the part.

Hankins brings some real spunk to the role and is ultimately quite moving.”

            -  Kelly Monaghan,

Louka in Arms & The Man

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

“Sarah Hankins fleshes out the servant Louka with ease, making her both disdainful of the Petkoffs and lovable to Sergius.”

        - Pam Harbaugh, Florida Today

Sarah Hankins is quite funny as the lusty and opinionated Louka.”

        - Michael W. Freeman, The Ledger

“Almost everything to do with the show is delightful . . . including Sarah Hankins as her equally proud maid.”

        - Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel

Hippolita and Putana in ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore

Toy Box Theatre, NYC

Sarah Hankins as Hippolita and Putana (the maid) is the standout of the evening. Eliciting laughs and bringing the most expression to the language, she expertly makes a sharp distinction between her two characters.”

- Amber Gallery,

Hankins's jilted woman is particularly strong, as she finds both the anger and the vulnerability in her character.

- Shari Perkins,

Mary in East Fourth Street Years

East Village Chronicles, Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC

“This is a gentle, compelling tale, and features excellent

performances by Laurence Cantor (Abie), Sarah Hankins

(Mary), and Ethan Sher (Howie).” 

                                          - Martin Denton,

Angie in Promising

East Village Chronicles, Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC

Sarah Hankins dominates Promising as the gregarious and rambunctious Angie. . .

                                          - Martin Denton,

Dana and Mordred in The Tragedy of King Arthur

Guerrilla Shakespeare Project, NYC

Sarah Hankins, as Arthur's sister Dana, possesses plenty of spunk and conveys the passionate nature of an aspiring actress. Hankins becomes more than a foil to the protagonist but acts as a catalyst to the action here, enabling Arthur to come to terms with their family's complicated past and to accept his doubts about the text of The Tragedy of Arthur.  - Deirdre Donovan, Curtain Up

“...the superb Sarah Hankins, plays the impish malefactor Mordred...

The ensemble of seven, under the expert direction of Jordan Reeves, get to play from the peak of their classical range to the colloquial median--and they excel at both.

Few shows are as well directed, acted, designed, constructed or ambitious...”

- PJ Grisar,

Sarah Hankins is a force of nature, passion exploding as she moves from Mordred in King Arthur to present-day Arthur’s sister. - Beatrice Williams-Rude,

“Sarah Hankins provides a convincing and passionate Portia…

     - Matthew MacDermid, Talkin’ Broadway

Sarah Hankins is fierce in the role of Portia, Brutus' wife.”

    - Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel

“It is in the small roles for women – Sarah Hankins as Brutus' wife, Portia – that we get an appreciative dose of humanity and nuance.”

             - Al Krulick, Orlando Weekly

Portia in Julius Caesar

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Sarah Hankins, in a fine dual performance, actually gets two death scenes. . . . Ms. Hankins dies fabulously both times, however. We are not cheated of her talents.”

- Jon Sobel,  BC Culture

Photo by Jacob J. Goldberg

As Nerissa, Sarah Hankins was both funny and touching; her romance with Gratiano was quite endearing.

- Roark Littlefield,

Nerissa in The Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare Forum, NYC

“Hannah Rose Goalstone and Sarah Hankins are wonderful as the wise Portia and her humorous, loyal handmaiden Nerissa.”

“The cast was lead by the wonderful performances of Bill Coyne, Dominic Comperatore, and Sarah Hankins.  Sarah Hankins as Nerissa was a natural when it came to the comedic timing, knowing exactly when to pander for laughs.”

- Michael Block, Theatre in the Now

Lodwick in Sir Patient Fancy

Queen’s Company, NYC